An apricot and a plum

August 20, 2012

The juicer had been primed for a savoury voyage (recipe to follow, soon). As we removed the bag of fruit and veg from the fridge and opened it to the warm morning, a taut-skinned nectarine rolled over to protect the plum, heavy with sugary ripeness. The pair suggested themselves as a sugary starter and contrast to the savoury, potentially disgusting, follow-up.

The fruit were quite big, together they were cut up into pieces. The plums were particularily delicious, aged purple grape skin covering soft, pond lichen green flesh.

150ml of juice was extracted from the fruits shown. The pulp mix that was pushed out of the nozzle of our juicer was so rich and tasty we stirred a bit into the juice for a ‘with bits’ effect, before running the rest through the grinder again. The mixed juice was ultrasweet, a silky sugar rush that kept the rich and distinct flavours of the fruit in their prime. This satisfying juice would work well diluted, particularly with sparkling water, to stretch out the refreshment.