Given Juice Nation’s stance on medical claims I hesitated on submitting this juicer adapted version of a traditional and internationally renowned homely remedy. It’s been approved on the grounds that it makes no claim to healthiness and any relief of the discomfort of a mild cold can be explained as the result of drinking a tasty drink.

1/3 lemon (waxed or unwaxed depending on taste & budget)
Chunk of ginger root from the size of half a thumb to a whole thumb
Plenty of honey

Process the lemon and ginger in a juicer. I always leave the peel on the lemon, whether it’s waxed or not but some may be scared of the bitterness (offset by the honey anyway). Combine the juice and very hot milk, too hot to drink in more than sips, in a mug. I usually microwave milk to make it warm, saves on washing up pans and transferring hot liquids. Add honey until you like the taste of the concoction. If you think it would make you feel better, you can add some kind of alcoholic drink (say brandy or whiskey) to the drink or some spices to the milk before heating.