Juicing Ghana

July 27, 2010

One person is at the  top of the Juice Nation Tree of Knowledge. A juice trailblazer and an incredibly juicewise man, The Juice Father passed his skills on to his son who then shared the love. This sharing led to a desire to share further, it led to Juice Nation. In the spirit of sharing, Juice Nation officer and musical powerhouse Luke Sanger, has sent us a series of photos documenting a typical morning’s juicing in Accora.

A pineapple moment

Visiting ‘the juice father’ in Ghana this summer, I got schooled in the art of juicing on the equator.

We blended lots of different fruit and veg (including cabbage!) it was a mix of things from the garden (like lemons and oranges, which are green skinned not orange) and bought things like ginger and beetroot. I was surprised beetroot grew there, being from Norfolk which is prime beetroot real estate, it couldn’t have been in more different climate/growing conditions!

Everything was chopped small and fed into the Green Power Kempo juicer aka ‘The Hippocrates Juicer‘.

What you can see in the pictures made enough juice for 4 people, for 2 days breakfast.

Prepared for the juicer
Jamestown fruit sellers

Market fresh from Jamestown

a juicemaster in his element

The blend

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit, separated. Amazing colours all round!

Breakfast juice for four

Brämhults Apelsiner och Jordgubbar

380ml bottle, bought for approx 17 SEK in convenience shop at Stockholm Centralstation, Sweden, July 2010

Ingredients: Freshly pressed orange juice (85%), crushed strawberries (15%).

Brämhult‘s juices are, apparently, popular across Sweden and Finland. This particular juice was amongst the cheapest not-from-concentrate bottled juices available in many shops but looks quite good on the shelf, robust, modern and with a slight sheen of honesty. Underneath the brand name, at the front of the label is printed, in a scruffy handwriting style font, ‘Instead of juicing yourself’. Also on the label is a message to consumers, ‘Because our juices are fresh goods, they only keep for 18 days.’ A genuinely pure, fresh juice is a rarity in shops. The sell-by date, when read with the 18 day claim, suggested this juice had been made in the previous four days to purchase. Pretty fresh so far, but how did it taste?

The juice, chilled from the shop, presented itself as unusually watery for a fresh juice, low on sweetness and also strong flavours. The oranges represented as quite bitter, perhaps not that ripe or not from one of the more fructose rich varieties. They were not sweetened very much by the strawberries, the berry flavour joined in but as part of the orange juice, not as its own separate hit of summer sunshine. The result was a conservative,  effectively refreshing blend. The juice left a pleasant aftertaste and, once warmed up by summer sun, the flavours of the fruit became slightly clearer with the strawberries singing a bit louder in the heat, although the heat didn’t thicken up the consistency of the liquid. While this product may be an alternative to making your own juice, I find it hard to believe that the same fruit, juiced freshly, wouldn’t provide a more rounded, rich flavour and texture. Despite it’s lack in providing sensual luxury this was, overall, a very decent juice from a brand we’ll keep an eye on.