Juicing Ghana

July 27, 2010

One person is at the  top of the Juice Nation Tree of Knowledge. A juice trailblazer and an incredibly juicewise man, The Juice Father passed his skills on to his son who then shared the love. This sharing led to a desire to share further, it led to Juice Nation. In the spirit of sharing, Juice Nation officer and musical powerhouse Luke Sanger, has sent us a series of photos documenting a typical morning’s juicing in Accora.

A pineapple moment

Visiting ‘the juice father’ in Ghana this summer, I got schooled in the art of juicing on the equator.

We blended lots of different fruit and veg (including cabbage!) it was a mix of things from the garden (like lemons and oranges, which are green skinned not orange) and bought things like ginger and beetroot. I was surprised beetroot grew there, being from Norfolk which is prime beetroot real estate, it couldn’t have been in more different climate/growing conditions!

Everything was chopped small and fed into the Green Power Kempo juicer aka ‘The Hippocrates Juicer‘.

What you can see in the pictures made enough juice for 4 people, for 2 days breakfast.

Prepared for the juicer
Jamestown fruit sellers

Market fresh from Jamestown

a juicemaster in his element

The blend

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit, separated. Amazing colours all round!

Breakfast juice for four

The Beetgrapple

November 16, 2009

2 fresh beetroots
2 big handfulls of white grapes
3 braeburn apples
(made enough juice for one, greedy, person or two people)

The undiluted juice of the Beetroot makes for a powerful tasting purple potion, interesting if not entirely pleasant in flavour. As a young juice disciple this juice made me cough on more than one occasion and felt a bit like ground glass going down my throat. I was intrigued by this potent nectar that stains kitchen units and bodily fluids alike, but it was some time before I dared experiment further.

Emboldended by intervening years of  voyages on the seas of juice I returned to the beetroot. I found that the key to keeping its harsh side under control was to contrast it’s thick, almost bitter juice with a light and sweet one. In this recipe the white grapes act as a foil to the beetroot, their strong sweetness cancels out the roughness of the beetroot, allowing both ingredients unique flavours and powers to be savoured. This alchemical interaction takes place in the context of apple, a classic juice base that subtly complements the beetroot and grape extremes.