A journey into fruit

July 15, 2010

We have received a charming and inspiring report on an exploratory juicing session from fresh juicers in Essex. This is home juicing at its most raw, nothing beats the feeling of putting things you find tasty through a juicer and trying the results. Although the path to juice may not always be smooth, it sure is fun. We’re very much looking forward to more from these new operatives as they hone their skills.


A late night read of Juice Nation lead three of us to fire up our 700 watt dual speed Cookworks Signature Whole Fruit Juicer and embark on a night of co-pro-juicing.

Juicer X

We started off with some of the exotic and went for juicing up some pomegranate. This I must admit was fantastic. The only problem is as you can see one pomegranate does not go far especially between three people, three people with an appetite for juice.

One Pomegranate

Using all of our will power we put this to the side and got out the big gun AKA the Pineapple.



Fresh Pineapple Juice, as many of you know, is a wonderful thing. Straight from the juicer it has a light and fluffy texture. If it is allowed to sit for a while it is still undeniably tasty but loses its bubbly, foamy texture which to my mind is what makes this one of the best juices you can make.

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