An apricot and a plum

August 20, 2012

The juicer had been primed for a savoury voyage (recipe to follow, soon). As we removed the bag of fruit and veg from the fridge and opened it to the warm morning, a taut-skinned nectarine rolled over to protect the plum, heavy with sugary ripeness. The pair suggested themselves as a sugary starter and contrast to the savoury, potentially disgusting, follow-up.

The fruit were quite big, together they were cut up into pieces. The plums were particularily delicious, aged purple grape skin covering soft, pond lichen green flesh.

150ml of juice was extracted from the fruits shown. The pulp mix that was pushed out of the nozzle of our juicer was so rich and tasty we stirred a bit into the juice for a ‘with bits’ effect, before running the rest through the grinder again. The mixed juice was ultrasweet, a silky sugar rush that kept the rich and distinct flavours of the fruit in their prime. This satisfying juice would work well diluted, particularly with sparkling water, to stretch out the refreshment.

Juicing Ghana

July 27, 2010

One person is at the  top of the Juice Nation Tree of Knowledge. A juice trailblazer and an incredibly juicewise man, The Juice Father passed his skills on to his son who then shared the love. This sharing led to a desire to share further, it led to Juice Nation. In the spirit of sharing, Juice Nation officer and musical powerhouse Luke Sanger, has sent us a series of photos documenting a typical morning’s juicing in Accora.

A pineapple moment

Visiting ‘the juice father’ in Ghana this summer, I got schooled in the art of juicing on the equator.

We blended lots of different fruit and veg (including cabbage!) it was a mix of things from the garden (like lemons and oranges, which are green skinned not orange) and bought things like ginger and beetroot. I was surprised beetroot grew there, being from Norfolk which is prime beetroot real estate, it couldn’t have been in more different climate/growing conditions!

Everything was chopped small and fed into the Green Power Kempo juicer aka ‘The Hippocrates Juicer‘.

What you can see in the pictures made enough juice for 4 people, for 2 days breakfast.

Prepared for the juicer
Jamestown fruit sellers

Market fresh from Jamestown

a juicemaster in his element

The blend

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit, separated. Amazing colours all round!

Breakfast juice for four

A journey into fruit

July 15, 2010

We have received a charming and inspiring report on an exploratory juicing session from fresh juicers in Essex. This is home juicing at its most raw, nothing beats the feeling of putting things you find tasty through a juicer and trying the results. Although the path to juice may not always be smooth, it sure is fun. We’re very much looking forward to more from these new operatives as they hone their skills.


A late night read of Juice Nation lead three of us to fire up our 700 watt dual speed Cookworks Signature Whole Fruit Juicer and embark on a night of co-pro-juicing.

Juicer X

We started off with some of the exotic and went for juicing up some pomegranate. This I must admit was fantastic. The only problem is as you can see one pomegranate does not go far especially between three people, three people with an appetite for juice.

One Pomegranate

Using all of our will power we put this to the side and got out the big gun AKA the Pineapple.



Fresh Pineapple Juice, as many of you know, is a wonderful thing. Straight from the juicer it has a light and fluffy texture. If it is allowed to sit for a while it is still undeniably tasty but loses its bubbly, foamy texture which to my mind is what makes this one of the best juices you can make.

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A plain clothes unit of Juice Nation operatives attended the Bloc Weekend music festival in Minehead earlier this month with the twin aims of enjoying the music and juice networking. The music was great, the crowd also great, Juice Nation heartily endorses Bloc as the holiday of a lifetime.

The juice networking was of mixed success. Before sharing the germination of a couple of new special guest Juice Nation recipies, I’ll share a Juice disaster, one of many. This one happened before the festival even began. An operative, while queuing in the Minehead Tescos, his trolley loaded with fruit, bankrupted Juice Nation. He gave the entire £15,000 JN operating fund for the 2010/2011 tax year to a middle aged man in smart trousers, grey trainers and a leather jacket. The man had claimed that he could double the money, with a machine that he keeps in his car, that works with the cigar lighter. Needless to say, the con-man walked with the money and the gullible operative was RETIRED and JUICED.

On the plus side, Juicing went on. Two long-standing master juicers, who have been inspirational and supportive to the Juice Nation project, shared their skills and shared their juice. Luke’s Anger, a creative juicer and shining star of 21st century Dance, brought his flesh tearing, juice gushing centrifugal juicer to the event. Luke demonstrated his juicing prowess, bringing a sweet but sharp approach. His creations had echoes of Caribbean islands, warm days in the sun and balmy nights under starry skies. Luke agreed to share his knowledge on Juice Nation at some point in the future, we can’t wait.

Also on great juicing form was DJ Joe Hart, who moved the crowds (in a good way) with his sets over the weekend and moved the bowels (in a good way) with first class juice combos. Joe, working on the Juice Nation burgundy Matstone, made a rare litre of ‘Methadone’, his greener than green fruit/veg juice of distinction. A closely guarded secret, the recipe for this legendary blend has long been a subject of much debate in the juicing community. We can reveal that Joe offered to share this recipe with the world, through the proud medium of Juice Nation! Keep those eyes PEELED.

C-Rayz Walz on juicing

December 3, 2009

From: Matisyahu TV

As well as being one of New York’s finest emcees C-Rayz Walz is clearly also a wise disciple of juicing. The end of the video’s got what’s most likely the best recorded freestyle that deals with juice. I’d love to be proved wrong on that one, if you’ve got any juice related music you’re proud of send it in to Juice Nation and we’ll give it a kind ear.