The extracted juices of fruits and vegetables can make for delicious drinks, and it is our belief that the most delicious juice is fresh juice. We aim to celebrate excellent, freshly made soft drinks.

Claims abound in the wider juice community about the health benefits of drinking freshly made, rather than off-the-shelf, juice products. Here at Juice Nation, however, we take freshly made juice for what it is; tasty and refreshing. Juice can be enjoyed as part of whatever kind of diet you have, balanced or grease-based. If you want to find out how following juice recipes might have a positive impact on your health please look elsewhere, search for ‘juice blogs’ on your favourite search engine.

All pictures and words, unless stated otherwise, belong to the people who made them and can’t be used by anyone else.

Juice Nation has loose borders. We welcome contributions. Please share any thoughts on juice, experiences with juice or juicing, recipes, juice inspired art and so on.

Get in touch, leave a comment. Twitter @realjuicenation

4 Responses to “About”

  1. lucas said

    I am about to undergo knee reconstruction and I was wondering if you would happen to know about some juice recipes for post-op healing. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post.


    • I don’t think you quite get it Lucas. I hope your knee reconstruction has gone well. Look to medical professionals for healing, look to juice for sweetness.

      Thanks for your query,

  2. Greetings fellow juice lover!

    First, let me introduce myself – I am a juice enthusiast. An enjuicyast, if you will. I was put here on this earth, and specifically on Twitter, to spread the good word about juice, grapefruit juice in particular. It’s clear that this world does not appreciate grapefruit juice enough and it is now my mission to change that, one juicy tweet at a time.

    As we clearly share the same interests, I suggest that we should combine our powers to create a giant twitter/blog hybrid JUICE LOVING MEGA BABY TEAM that will hype the shit out of juice. Our strengths can be combined so that we can take down the evil evil beverages of this world such as those pompous soft drinks and egomaniacal bottled water bitches.

    Fruit juice can finally be returned to its rightul position at the top of the juice empire!!!

    I should also add at this juncture that the official song of Team Enjuicyast is Pony by the R&B megastar Ginuwine. It is a condition of being in any way associated with me and my peoples that you not only like this song, but you love the shit out if. There ain’t no better song to sip a glass of juice to. Or go horse-riding to.

    So my friend, let me know how you what you think. Or if you are on twitter, holla at me. Help us re-educate the world on the glory of juice.

    It’s time to get loose. It’s time to GET JUICE!

    Yours juicily,

  3. Hi Enjuicycast

    Thanks for getting in touch. It’s a good time to make connections on the vanguard of juice culture; long days are here, juices are flowing like in that Ginuwine song.

    JN welcomes all kinds of submissions. A passionate argument for grapefruit juice could be interesting, it’s not a juice we’ve had too much experience with.

    We’ve been meaning to set up a JN Twitter for a while, looking at yours has pushed us to do it, soon. Following on my percy for now.


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