Late summer savoury sap – cucumber, parsley, red pepper, blackberry

August 21, 2012

This is the first savoury-based juice to appear on Juice Nation. It’s not the first one that we’ve tried in the juice lab, by any means. In an early juice experiment  we dropped an onion onto the blades of a centrifugal juicer, the result, one of the most intense liquids we’ve come across. We imagined several uses for pure raw onion juice, but have not tested any of them. It wouldn’t be surprising if it could be used as some kind of futuristic fuel. This recipe contains no onions but the base ingredients are more commonly used in salads than drinks.

A handful of fresh parsley, a chunk of cucumber and a big red pepper were juiced together. We use cucumber a lot for sweet juices, it dilutes with enough neutrality to not change the overall flavour of the juice. Some people don’t like the smell of cucumber, they’d have more problem with this juice than sweet ones, the faintly exotic oddness of the cucumber essence stands out clearly. While the red pepper adds a slightly sweet crunch to a summer salad, in this juice its sweetness is secondary to its rich, earthy flavours. We added a pinch of salt and black pepper. We threw in the juice of a handful of luscious, fresh blackberries to potentiate the juice.

About 150ml of juice came out of the above ingredients. It was murky, coloured like root beer, almost chocolate with a deep red tinge. The berry addition didn’t overcome the parsley, cucumber and pepper. In fact, it was barely noticeable, it worked to balance the drink away from the kind of cold raw soup effect we’ve experienced in the past. It made for an interesting but refreshing drink on a hot day, satisfying juice.

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