Apple vs apple juice

July 12, 2012

As you can imagine, we trawl through a lot of health claims and pseudo-scientific claptrap about fruit and vegetable juice. It’s refreshing to come across a well written and researched piece on a strange website putting out a message that echos Juice Nation’s mission: treat juice like a sweet drink. The image from (above) shows that you’re probably best off with an apple for refreshment and nutrition, while an apple juice is still great when you’re thirsty.

The author makes the point that freshly squeezed juice has a much better nutritional content than preserved, seeing pasteurised juices as nutritionally void. JN readers will know we believe freshly squeezed to be generally tastier and leave the nutrition to fresh fruit, which we process through the most popular juicer in the world- the digestive system.

The article: Hanna Brooks Olsen ‘Let’s Just Say It: Most Juice Is Junk Food (Basically)’ in blisstree


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